2005 Conference on Contemporary Pagan Studies
Call for Papers

Revisioning the Past:
Reconstructionism, Revitalization and Ethnicity

November 18th, 2005

Philadephia Marriott Downtown
Room Independence III

This year we will be focusing on contemporary Pagans who base their religiosity specifically on the religious and social forms of a particular cultural and/or historical group. In some instances this will be in an effort to recover and revitalize a past that is directly linked to the place and culture in which the individual lives. In other cases the group that the Pagan attempts to emulate and reconstruct will have no direct link to individual genetic or cultural heritage.
In either case the issues surrounding attempts to reconstruct what was done in past times and make that reconstruction a living, vital religiosity are an important part of our understanding of how contemporary Paganism functions in the modern world.
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2005 Conference on Contemporary Pagan Studies Agenda

9A - 10:30A
"Romancing the Pagan": Folk Music, Politics, and Ideology in Pagan Intellectual History
Christopher W. Chase, Michigan State University
Religioning Reconstruction: Active Change in Reconstructionist Paganisms
Cat McEarchern, University of Stirling
10:30A - 10:45A
Coffee Break
10:45A - 12:30P
Writing as an Academic vs. Writing as a Practitioner,
Douglas Cowan, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Nikki Bado-Fralick, Iowa State University
12:30P - 2PM Lunch
2P - 3:45P
I Still Worship Zeus film showing
3:45P - 4:00P
Coffee Break
3:30P - 5:30P Book Session: Researching Paganisms
Participants to be announced
Book Reviews
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