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AltaMira's Pagan Studies Series
AltaMira Press now has a Pagan Studies series for academic texts. They have relaesed their first volume, and have several more coming out soon. This series is edited by Chas Clifton and Wendy Griffin. Take a look to see what they have available, and for information on submitting a book for consideration.
The Nature Religions Scholars Network
This site, run by Chas Clifton, is a great resource for those scholars interested in nature-based religions (including elements of Contemporary Paganism).
The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies
The first journal dedicated to Pagan Studies. This links to the website for the current publisher and provides subscription and submission information. For information on getting past issues on a CD-ROM check here.
The Witches' Voice
The Witches' Voice is a widely used resource for locating Pagans of all sorts around the world, as well as being a good resource for finding articles and news items of interest. It is not an academic site, but is rather one of the most popular sites for Pagan religionists. Thus it is a great resource for those of us researching Paganism.
The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature is an Internet site dedicated to the study of the complex relationships between religion, nature, and human cultures.
With this site we seek to promote awareness and facilitate critical thinking among scholars, media, and the public about humans and their diverse environments. We welcome the participation of scholars from all disciplines and religious practitioners from all religious traditions.
Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies Conference homepage
"An informal network of academics from many disciplines conducting research in Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies (ASANAS)."
The ASANAS conferences in Britain provide a good place for the presentation and reception of great scholarship. This page also features links to .mp3 files of some of the papers presented at ASANAS. These include Graham Harvey's "Studying Paganisms to refine academic methodologies" and Jenny Butler's "Neopaganism and the Domain of Alternative Healing in Contemporary Ireland".
New Religion in America: Alternative Movements Gain Ground with Flexibility, Modernity
This is the page for listening to 4 short radio news programs on New Religions in the US, presented by US National Public Radio. Each segment focuses on different areas, with part 1 being an overview, part 2 focsuing on The Toronto Blessing, part 3 focusing on Soka Gakkai, and part 4 looking at Wicca and American teens. All 4 parts are free to listen to.
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