Books, articles and papers presented at academic conferences are important elements in the lives of academics in any field. Contemporary Pagan Studies is a growing field, so there is an ever growing body of material available. Here we will gather information on resources available to those in Pagan Studies. Whether you are an established academic or a newbie to the field, these listings of resources may help you get a solid handle on what has been done in this field.

These resources are constanly being developed. If you have any information you feel would enhance these listings, email This can be used to add information on books and articles you have written or papers you have presented.

Bibliography of Books and Articles on Contemporary Pagan Studies

List of Papers Presented at Academic Conferences since 1992

AltaMira Press has the only academic book series dedicated to Contemporary Pagan Studies that we've heard of. Check their pages for information on published books, upcoming books, and how to submit a book of your own.
Book Reviews
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